Business Services

360° approach

To ensure our players are able to focus their full attention on reaching their professional goals, 4sports has established relationships with trustful and successful partner companies. An independent and unique Financial Concierge Team manages each clients’ day to day affairs and ensures their financial planning and investment demands are led by top advisors.

  • Banking & Insurances
  • Tax Consulting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Legal Support
  • Real Estate Services
  • Living arrangements
  • Relocation Services / Visa
  • Automobile Transactions
  • Endorsement Activities


We work hard in securing our Players all available endorsement and autograph opportunities to provide additional revenue and help them creating a brand out of their name. We have been successful in obtaining deals for our clients with companies that operate within as well as outside the hockey industry with international approach.

"During the career as a pro you will build an enormous network. I was blessed to have an exceptional career as a hockey player and get in touch with many successful people which opened up great business opportunities for me. At 4sports, we offer a wide network to guide you in the right direction, both during and after your playing career to plan for the future and beyond."
Peter Forsberg
Partner & Member of the Board